Animal Life World Community

Animal Life World is a newly established community with the aim of protecting the habitats of animals and supporting them to live in a natural way. He realizes the risk posed by the growing and expanding human presence for animals and creates solutions against it. In particular, it is a pioneer in the creation of the necessary grounds for living together with animals. 

It makes intensive efforts to prevent and end the cruel behavior of people towards animals. In October, it also conducts studies aimed at preventing animals from posing a risk to humans to the same extent. It produces and implements various projects for the protection, feeding and housing of animals. 

As Animal Life World, we have some principles when performing these tasks. 

  • Giving the same degree of importance to human rights along with animal rights 

  • Correct introduction of animals to humans 

  • The methods to be applied to ensure animal welfare do not have a negative impact on people's well-being 

  • Ensuring that animals are housed in the environments closest to their natural environment as much as possible and continue their lives 

  • Projects produced against animals should be in such a way as not to affect their natural life 

Mission: It carries out operations such as recognizing, introducing, feeding and protecting animals. Along with preparing a more natural environment for them, it offers more livable environments without interfering with their natural processes. 

Vision: To achieve a more livable world with animals together with studies aimed at the love and recognition of animals by people.