Chameleons are extremely successful animals in terms of hiding themselves. The color change it applies to camouflage also gives it a unique appearance. Due to the fact that it has pigments called chromatophores, it is able to perform the function of changing color. The color change feature is not only intended to adapt to the environment in which it is located. It also changes color for emotional states such as anger, stress. In addition to its feet, it can also use its tails to hold on. Octobersin addition to its feet, it can also use its tails to hold on. The destruction of their habitat today has put some of their species at risk of extinction.

Chameleon is a member of the class of reptiles and is a vertebrate animal. Although the height december is wide, they are on average about 30 cm. His tongue, which is extremely fast, is sticky and quite mobile. Their tongue, which they use to catch prey, is almost 3 times their length. When it attacks its prey, if its distance is within ideal limits, its tongues reach its prey in about 0.07 seconds. Considering this value, the speed of their language is about 5 times the speed of the jet. Thanks to this feature, it also has a high success rate if it is close enough to its prey. Chameleons breed with eggs laid by females. It takes about 7-8 months for the offspring to emerge from the eggs that have been laid. It feeds on such creatures as grasshoppers, crickets and ants. Thanks to the speed and length that their tongue has, they are also capable of catching flying insects. His eyes, which can see even ultraviolet rays, are independent of each other, and the brain processes the image from both eyes separately. The visual angle of each eye is 180 degrees, and it can continuously scan an area of 360 degrees in total. This is also a very helpful feature that does not protect itself from predators.

Their language is 5 times faster compared to jet aircraft.

Chameleons are among the oldest animals dec the planet, and fossils have been found that are 26 million years old.


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