Kangal takes its name from the Kangal district of Sivas Province. It was used as a shepherd and guard dog. The head of the coils is quite large and large. Although it varies depending on the gender, the height of the male kangals can reach 85 cm and their weight can reach up to 70 kg. Despite his size, he is quite docile and has no habit of biting. They do not bark unless there is any threat or provocation. With its easy training and ability to protect the herd, it is dec the best shepherd dogs. They have a delicate structure and can even be touchy in the face of some situations. They breed twice a year, and the gestation period lasts dec 58-63 days.

Kangallar is a dog breed that has made its name to the world. There are also many breeds that are not purebred. Care for it is simple, and it is enough to do grooming once a week. He's a good fighter and a guard. Kangals sent to other countries besides Turkey can also perform their superior protective abilities against quite wild animals such as lions and staves, except for wolves. Its superior protection against wolves has made kang dec a rare position among dog breeds. Their jaws are muscular and strong. In addition, his forelimbs are stronger than his hind legs and he uses this when he is struggling.

The fact that the neck part is soft can weaken them for an attack on this part in fights. For this reason, a barbed leash is worn by the owners. In addition to the fact that he is able to successfully protect the herd from wild animals, he is also famous for his unconditional loyalty to his owner october They take on a protective role against family members and especially children. In addition to the fighting aspect, the observation and olfactory october are also highly developed. Its nutrition should be carried out regularly and with a proper diet. They also need regular movement and exercise. Kangals have a free spirit. For this reason, they mostly prefer to hang out alone.

It is one of the rare breeds that can strangle wolves and it can be said to be the only dog breed that can resist wolves for many years.

Kangals, who have a wide chest, most often make their first moves by hitting the chest.


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