It is possible to see dolphins in all seas and some rivers of the world, especially in shallow seas. Dolphins are carnivorous creatures. Although they consume cuttlefish a lot, they generally feed on fish. Of the dolphins that have more than sixty species, the one called Afalina, or the one known as the bottlenose, is one of the most common species in the world. Especially in the pools called delfinarium, this species is often found, and when it is called a dolphin, people think of this species more often. Another type of dolphin called Amazonian River Dolphins is the extremely rare pink dolphins.

Dolphins, which can jump from the water surface to a height of up to 6 meters, can also dive to a depth of up to 260 meters. The creature called the killer whale is actually a species of dolphin. Dolphins can consume up to 14 kilograms of meat per day, and there are 100 teeth in their mouths that help with this. Dolphins, which were once used to clean mines, have also inspired many branches of science. Their backs are darker compared to other parts of their bodies. They hunt dec groups, and the gestation period of female dolphins varies between 12-17 months depending on the species. During childbirth, the tail section of the puppy comes first, and in this aspect they differ from other breasts. At the moment of their free swimming, their speed is 48 km/h, but their speed can also be more than their type.

In order for dolphins not to drown during sleep, only half of their brains fall asleep. While the other half continues to stay awake, they also continue to breathe.

The signature of dolphins is their whistles, which are their own and special.


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