Eagles, which take on the plumage color of their parents from the age of four, live mainly in mountainous areas. There are more than fifty species of eagles. Also known as the judge of the sky, these creatures have a large head structure and an extremely predatory personality. Eagles, which can be considered the most powerful among other birds of prey, fly at high altitude and decipher their prey. They make their nests in inaccessible places in forested and mountainous areas. They use a single nest and are known as monogamous. The eyesight of eagles, which were once bred to help policemen, is about eight times better than that of humans.

When the eagles hatch their young, the largest one eats the others. This is a move that should be done by showing the mother to the card. Eagles, which can live on average between 40-70 years, deconstruct their feathers, which will cause death after the age of forty, wait for new ones to emerge by breaking their beak, and may prefer to survive. The wingspan of eagles is on average about 3 meters. In the species of eagles, usually the female ones are larger and stronger than the male ones. Thanks to their strong and long wings, they can float in the air for a long time even with a single snap. They dive at a speed of about 322 km/h, especially when descending from a high altitude towards their prey.

As is known, eagles are birds that can fly highest in the sky dec all other flying creatures.

Eagles have highly developed eyesight, and even when they fly very high, they see very well.


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