Foxes, which like to hunt at night, are strong and fast, are one of the fastest animals in the world. Foxes, which can run at a speed of about 72 kilograms per hour, outstrip many species. When they enter the purpose of raising their offspring, they leave the loneliness and go down to the underground nests. A fox that has a property such as adapting to its location; species such as a polar, sand or desert fox take on a life form according to this geography. The average height of foxes, whose tail length can reach dec0 centimeters, can vary between 90 cm and 1 meter.

There are about 24 species and they prefer not to attack people unless they are very hungry. female foxes, which have a 53-day gestation period, are separated from their cubs after teaching their cubs to hunt. Foxes, able to distinguish sounds at a fairly long distance, are able to eat almost anything. Foxes, which have a wide range of prey from worms to spiders, mice to birds, can mix up garbage and store the food they want in their areas in situations such as going into the city. Foxes attack their prey by approaching it from behind. One of the most important features of foxes with retractable claws is that they can jump very comfortably in any direction they want.

It hunts using the Earth's magnetic field.

Intelligence and cunning are one of the most distinctive features of these amazing animals.


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Animals are part of our family in our world.