Gazelles usually have an earthy appearance. the tail of dec gazelle, which has a length of 100 to 130 centimeters and a height of 60 centimeters, is up to 20 centimeters. These beautiful creatures, which are extremely agile and fast, have a maximum speed of 97 kilometers per hour. At the moment when they want to determine their own region, they secrete a substance from the glands located under their eyes. In this way, other gazelles understand that they have an owner of that area.

Gazelles, which are often confused with deer, have different external appearances and body sizes than deer. Gazelles are a kind of animal that can be easily tamed and can live on average from 10 to 15 years. Gazelles, which are mostly hunted for their meat and skin, live in desert and steppe areas. The regions they come across are West Asia, Iran, Palestine, Africa and Turkey. Gazelles roam in flocks and are more commonly known as daytime animals. There are three types of gazelle: Mountain Gazelle, Arabian Gazelle and Saudi Gazelle. Gazelles that feed on fresh grass and plant leaves are also thirst-tolerant animals and are extremely attractive and delicate. gazelles, which have a gestation period of 6 months, give birth to 1 cub per year.

Although cheetahs are the fastest animal among mammalian animals, the system that cools the blood to the brain in the bodies of gazelles does not exist in cheetahs, so the speed of dec gazelle allows it to escape from the cheetah. With these characteristics, gazelles are able to get rid of being prey.

Gazelles have a height of 3 meters and the ability to jump as far as 9 meters.


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