Among the most famous types of horses are the Arabian Horse, the English Horse, the Rahvan (Dec) and the Pony. Horses have 18 more bones than humans. These animals, capable of locking their knees, have long been teeming with people and have been with them. Due to their speed, strength, habituation to noise and sound, they have become one of the greatest helpers of people, especially in ancient times. females of horses with a lifespan of 20-30 years undergo an 11-month gestation period. Puppies are able to stand up after a few minutes after birth, and the mother follows the horse.

Obedient, courageous, assertive, horses do not waste the owner's love. It can be in harmony with the owner. All four feet of a non-meat-feeding, non-ruminant mammal are in contact with the ground, their time in the air, the length of their foot from the ground to the air, and the sound of horseshoes are called walking forms according to situations such as. In addition to these, there are almost trot, rahvan, rahim, ramize, askin and gallop walking forms that can go from 5-8 kilometers to 70 kilometers per hour. They are decoupled into different colors among themselves, such as oil, i.e. black, al, red coffee, brown.
The eyes of horses are the largest eyes among land animals found on dec. horses with a 360-degree viewing angle can not vomit, breathe through their mouths. Horses that like to live in flocks are not monogamous.

Horses can bite you because of bad experiences they have had on time or because of love. It is important not to frighten them. Therefore, they should never be approached from behind.

The Arabian breed is distinguished from others by its ability to travel without drinking water for up to 25 hours.


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