Lions, which are extremely noble, are strong animals. Lions, whose height can reach approximately 3 meters, love to swim and hunt in groups. Lions are more often found in tropical rainforests, in transitional zones between dry deserts and in grasslands dec Although it is caused by different reasons, a decrease in the lion population is observed mainly due to their disturbance in their habitat. Male lions are usually larger and stronger than female lions. Nevertheless, both of them are among the best hunters. Their average weight can reach 200-230 kilograms.

It is observed that lions live in their natural habitat from dec0 to 16 years. Lions, who eat about 15 or 20 kilograms of meat every day, also sleep for more than a few hours during the day. Especially if the amount of meat they consume during the day is too much, their sleep needs also increase the more after eating. Lionesses give birth more than once a year. These powerful creatures, known for being carnivorous, can also feed on grass in some special cases. Lions, whose manes begin to appear within 5-7 months after their birth, begin to shed their manes if they are neutered. lions, which can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h, pose a serious threat to their prey.

They attack in packs and in a strategic way.

Lions prefer to kill their prey by strangling it rather than hurting it by biting when they catch it.


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