Rabbits are an animal belonging to the group of rodents. The average life expectancy of these cute creatures is 8 years, and their length can vary between 30-60 decimals. It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the rabbits, which are one of the animals that can be easily cared for at home, when buying cages at home. Rabbits, which feed mainly on vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, are herbivorous animals. Still, it will do them good to have rabbit food. Despite the fact that they are often fed with green vegetables, the amount of water that rabbits receive into their bodies is not enough. Yesilmaz For this reason, are required to provide a clean environment and clean water with a cup of warm water.

In rabbits, which mostly gain a place in the minds with their white and fluffy images, the mother rabbits take care of the puppies for only 7 days after hatching. At the end of this period, they leave their offspring. In rabbits that reach sexual maturity at an early age, female rabbits do not menstruate. Rabbits are not able to digest the food they eat very well. For this reason, they can eat their feces again by nature. Since the structure of the esophagus is one-way, they can not perform the function of vomiting. Rabbits that do not like to be held in their laps can also be damaged when they are held by their ears and lifted. Being sensitive is not only in an emotional sense. In case of falling or falling from a height, they may encounter serious downsides, such as a broken waist and foot. Touching a newborn puppy is one of the biggest evils to be done to that puppy. Because when rabbits get the smell of the person they are touching from the kitten, they refuse to adopt that puppy.

Rabbits are active at night, sleeping during the day.

Rabbits have a 360-degree field of view.


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