Cheetahs, whose speeds can reach up to 130 kilometers per hour, have long legs, retractable claws and an extremely strong, agile body structure. these creatures, which can reach a speed of 100 kilometers in 2.5 seconds, also receive power from their tails and have the title of the fastest animal. Female cheetahs usually like to be alone, while male cheetahs travel in groups. Their survival time is usually around 17 years in captivity while they are around 12 years while in their native wild. Cheetahs, which attempt to consume their prey immediately after catching it, lose their prey to vultures or lions when they fail to do so.

The most well-known species of cheetahs, which, unfortunately, are under threat of decaying gradually due to the unconscious actions of people, include the North African Cheetah, Asian Cheetah and Northwestern Cheetah. They prefer large animals, i.e. deer or antelope-like animals, in their diet. The gestation process of female cheetahs, whose mating is long-term, also takes a long time. These creatures, which are often confused with leopards, are among the animals that can be decoupled and approach their prey in this way thanks to their spotted structure. Cheetahs do not have the ability to taste sweet foods due to their gene structure. Cheetahs, which have an average weight of between 40 and 65 kilograms, dec spread to many areas of the world in their time, but today they are located in a small number of Iran and in several regions of Africa.

Cheetahs can not chase their prey for a long time. He can chase for no more than 20-30 seconds.

Cheetahs can't roar, but they can purr like little cats.


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