Squirrels that have a white underside of their body can have different colors such as yellow, red, brown on top. Squirrels, which belong to the group of vertebrate animals, have large and bright eyes. The average length of their length is 18-25 centimeters, while the average length of their tails is 18 centimeters. the gestation period of squirrels with an average weight of 15-51 grams can last from dec0 to 40 days. She is usually able to give birth 2 times a year and give birth to up to 7 cubs in one birth.

Squirrels, which have a life span of approximately 10 years, usually prefer to live in wooded and wooded areas. While they like to live alone outside the mating period, the morning and afternoon are the moments when they are most active. Squirrels, which we can see in many parts of the world, are not seen on the Mediterranean Islands and Iceland. They feed on walnuts, almonds, acorns, hazelnuts, mushrooms, insects, bird cubs and fresh tree bark. The fact that squirrels bite people can cause bacterial infections. The average lifespan of squirrels varies depending on the species, but it can range from 6 to 18 dec.

In addition to being the most curious animal in the world, squirrels are also very intelligent. He is able to deceive his enemies, thieves, protect himself and his food.

Squirrels, which are very good at jumping and climbing, are also very good at climbing flat walls.


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