Tigers living in the reedy and humid environments of Asia do not distinguish between humans and animals in their diet. Therefore, it is one of the animals that are afraid. It is the largest among similar cat species such as lion and jaguar dec Eighty percent of the tigers on Earth live in the Indian subregion, while their habitat is quite limited. Tigers, who love woodlands and green areas, prefer to hunt alone, except in case of necessity. Yesilmaz Tigers, which hunt large animals such as deer, zebra, buffalo more often, have deadly claws. The Siberian Tiger, which is the fastest-decaying species today, is also among the most well-known species of Sumatran Tiger, Bengal Tiger, Chinese Tiger.

The average weight of females in tigers with predatory cats is about 150 kilos, while in male tigers it is about 250 to 300 kilos. Tigers, which can reach an average length of up to 3 meters, do not want any other male tigers to be found in their area. If necessary, these big cats, who are struggling for this, leave their urine in order to show their dominance in the region. They catch their prey by the neck and wait for it to die for a while, and then switch to eating. the tiger, which can jump up to 5 meters, does not attack people unless they have to, but they are still a threat. They have a strong jaw structure and usually prefer to hunt at night.

An unknown feature of tigers is that they can mate with lions. The cubs born from this mating usually stay with the tigers.

Tigers are the most feared animal in the animal world. There are no animals that can pose a threat to him.


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