Venüs Cat

Cats are animals with quick reflexes, are sociable, but hunt alone. The origins of domesticated cats date back to approximately 9500 years ago. Although cats are known as domesticated, affectionate, it has been found that today the cat all over the world is derived from these two wild cats, the African Wildcat and the European Wildcat. Their whiskers are their means of using cats to measure whether they can get into a place.

The average height of cats can vary between 25-46 decimals in length. At the same time, their average weight varies between 3.5 dec 7 kilograms in males and 2.5 dec 4.5 kilograms in female cats. Adult cats have 30 teeth in their mouths. They have difficulty going back and forth due to their foot structure. Due to the excellent mechanism of their balance, when they fall from a height, they land on all fours. The nose print on each cat differs like people's fingerprints and is unique only to that cat. They spend more than 100 months of their lives sleeping. Due to their anatomical structure, male cats have spiny penises. Cats that cannot feel the sweet flavors do not like swimming and water. Cats, whose memory is stronger than the memory of dogs, are able to remove germs from their feathers by licking themselves. they have a viewing angle of 185 degrees.

It has been found that the sound that comes out when cats purr has a healing effect on conditions such as blood pressure and dislocation.

If the pet cats massage their owners, this is a sign of trust. That's how it determines its zones.


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Animals are part of our family in our world.