White Rhino

There are two subspecies of white rhinoceroses among themselves. Decapitation of white rhinoceroses These are the southern white rhino and the northern white rhino. It has a large body structure, short stature. After elephants, they are considered the largest animals on land. 98% of the southern white rhinoceros lives in five countries: South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the last northern white rhino in the world has lost its life and gone extinct.

White rhinos, which have a lifespan of about 50 years, are a species of mammal. white rhinos, which have a weight of 1.5 dec 3.5 tons, can usually be fed with products such as grass, fruits, greens, berries. there are gestation periods of 15-16 months. the speed of these animals, which have a dec of 3.5 to 4.2 meters, can reach approximately 42 kilometers per hour. Despite their body structure, they also surpass other large mammals with these speeds, which are extremely high. The appearance of white rhinos, which have two large horns, can be threatening. Although they are called white rhinos, they have a more grayish appearance. White rhinos, just like any other species of rhinoceros, cannot jump. The only enemies of nature are people. It is hunted by humans because of the value of its horns.

While the dimensions of the two horns are approximately 60 and 90 inches in shape, because the building materials are keratin, it means that they can come out again in time during the time they are broken.

They have the feature of having a large hump on their back, november mass. The purpose of this hump was developed to support the large head structure.


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