Wolves are animals that are often associated with dogs and are known to be his descendants. They are extremely strong. There are many topics and branches in which they are inspired. They are wild and predatory animals. It has a structure that scares people. It can pose a threat especially for people who are interested in camping and extreme sports.

Wolves can run at a speed of 50 or 60 kilometers per hour. For this reason, they pose a danger to their prey. Since their sense of smell and tracking has developed up to about 3 kilometers, they can still easily catch their prey. Although lone wolves are not very common, they are rare, they usually howl at night. Their tail length reaches 30 centimeters, and their weight ranges from about 20 to dec0 kilograms. The gestation of a wolf lasts approximately 65 days. Puppies are born with their eyes and ears closed. Wolves, whose lifespan is no more than 20 years, begin to age from the age of 12, and over time they begin not to cut their teeth.

They can not be used as guard dogs, as they are afraid and prefer to hide rather than make a noise.

They know all the roads that belong to their region and constantly travel around their region.


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Animals are part of our family in our world.