Blue Shod Duckling

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The Story of the Duckling in Blue Shoes
The story of a duckling with blue shoes belongs to a very cute and flying duck that everyone loves. The duckling lived on the shore of a small lake. He wandered by the lake, watching storks and birds with amazement. He dreamed of flying like them.
One day a stork was put on the edge of the lake. The baby duck went to the stork and said, “I wish I could fly like you. That's how I'd see new places. I would have a lot of friends.” he said. The stork laughed at the phrases of the baby duck. “You have to grow up to fly.” he said. 
The baby duck was upset when she heard the word when she grew up. “There's more to growth. I want to fly right away. Can you teach me to fly?"he asked the stork for help.
After thinking about it for a while, the stork agreed to what the baby duck wanted. He taught flying lessons to a baby duck for days. However, the baby duck has not learned to fly despite the fact that weeks have passed. Every time he failed, he wanted to fly more and more and he didn't give up.
One morning, the baby duck started walking towards a high hill to fly easier. At that time, a fox saw a baby duck and followed it. The baby duck has arrived on the hill panting. While preparing to fly, the fox was looking for an opportunity to catch it. While the fox was catching the Decoy duck, something started to shine in the bushes. The shining thing was a pair of blue shoes.
The Story of the Duckling: The Mystery of the Blue Shoe
The baby duck's eyes lit up when he saw the blue shoes. “These shoes are very beautiful. According to my feet.” he said. She joyfully put the shoes on. He started flying after he put the shoes on. The fox was shocked to see the baby duck take off and decided to buy the blue shoes. He continued to secretly follow the baby duck. 
While the baby duck was flying in the sky, the stork called his friend. Finally, the stork has found his friend. When the stork saw the baby duck, he said, "Oh! The baby duck is flying now."he was delighted. The baby duck said, "Yes, I'm flying now. But this is thanks to the magic blue shoes.” he said.
A Flying Fox!
The stork introduced the baby duck to his friends. Then they were put on the edge of the lake. The baby duck took off the shoes and put them aside so that she could swim in the lake. The fox immediately put on the blue shoes. He started flying as soon as he put it on.
A baby duck saw a fox fly while swimming in a lake. When he saw the blue shoes on his feet, he got out of the lake and started following the fox. He flapped his wings faster to catch the fox. After a while, he managed to fly away. He bought the blue shoe from a fox. He hid the shoe in a very secret place so that others wouldn't take it. He had a good time flying.

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What do you think is the main idea in this story? I think that there is a very bitter sharp side to dreams and reality.


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