Gaining Budgerigar Trust

Erkan Tosun 07.12.2020 natural life 2 Comments

If we consider the budgie's human feelings and think of him as a person, winning his love with kind words and gentle words should be the first priority in order to gain his trust like a human. It is necessary to create a trust mechanism with a well-founded self-confidence work, as in human relationships. Instead of a cage, it is necessary to make him think that you value him by making a place on your shoulder or on your desk, sincerely. With the healthy communication formula, trust will be established with the budgie.

2-uye-avatar.jpg Erkan Tosun

Appealing to the emotions of the animals is paramount to provide confidence in the main story.


  1. 2-uye-avatar.jpg
    Erkan Tosun

    Earning their trust is very important to us.

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    Merve Tosun

    Trust is like a soul, once it's gone it can't be returned.

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