Dialogue Between Parrots

Erkan Tosun 07.12.2021 natural life 5 Comments

Two parrots met on a common tree branch one day, and they started to tell each other about their daily life and experiences, both laughing and grieving. In the conversation between the free parrot and the house parrot, the free parrot tells stories that it has gone through more than once, but the house parrot told very few stories. The free parrot said, 'Why did you tell the parrot so briefly and little? Pet parrot I see the same places in the cage every day, but you can go anywhere whenever you want, so you are very lucky. The free parrot said to the house parrot about this, you're wrong about this, I'm free but most of the time my life is in danger but you have a safe and loving family so appreciate them, sometimes I can't even find food even though I'm free, but in your case every day time is ahead of the meal. Pet parrot, I have never thought of it like that, you are right, I think it is important to be free alone or to be happy with the family, I guess I am lucky in this regard. Thank you for making me appreciate your family. Goodbye free parrot, don't worry about me !!!

2-uye-avatar.jpg Erkan Tosun

I believe that the main idea of the story is freedom and the family is important in the depiction of the concept of family on animals.


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    Merve Tosun

    Parrots are the happiest vehicle in the human world. It is a source of happiness with its voices and stances.

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    Merve Tosun

    The parrot tries to find the hope of joy, friend and all the beauty in it.

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    Merve Tosun

    There are many varieties and species of the most beautiful and cheerful parrots in the world.

  4. 2-uye-avatar.jpg
    Erkan Tosun

    They are peaceful animals like the color of the rainbow.

  5. 8-1-avatarresmi1907.jpg
    Serkan Tosun

    A nice interview that allows parrots to talk so well and proves that they are as smart as humans????

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