How Can We Protect Animals ?

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How Can We Protect Animals?
“How can we protect animals?" the question becomes more important as we hear about what has been done to them. Animals are one of the innocent creatures of the world. That is why they must be protected for a just life. In order for the world to become more livable, many projects are being carried out to protect animals. But besides these projects, there are many points that everyone should pay attention to and do. 
According to research, more than 1 billion animals were killed within a year. more than 22 million animals have been tortured. These data have been in our country, not around the world. Thousands of animals have been painfully abandoned on the streets. In order to live humanely, it is necessary to take care of animals and behave well. Otherwise, there can be no talk of a good life. 
Sterilization of animals is one of the issues that are being discussed today. However, millions of cats and dogs are being left to die. That is why experts also recommend the sterilization of animals. 
Not to Consider Animals As a Gift
One of the most common mistakes is gifting animals. Caring for animals requires a great deal of responsibility. For this reason, the person who is supposed to be given a gift should be informed about this situation earlier. It is impossible for him to take care of the animal correctly when he does not accept his responsibility. 
How Can We Protect Animals? By not buying it!
A certain price is priceless not only for people, but also for all living things. Buying animals for a certain fee leads to an increase in the animal trade. For this reason, many animals are kept in unhealthy environments and forced to give birth. 
Volunteering at Shelters
Protecting animals is one of the important responsibilities of Dec. That is why the care of animals abandoned in shelters should be carried out on a voluntary basis. In this way, it is also seen how safe the shelters are. 
How Can We Protect Animals? By Not Keeping Silent about the Tortures!
Millions of animals are subjected to cruel tortures annually. In order to avoid these, it is necessary not to be silent about the tortures. If an animal is seen that has been subjected to abuse or torture, animal protection authorities should be notified immediately. In addition, it should be remembered that animal fighting is also torture and such environments should not be supported. 
Owning Street Animals
Stray animals are the responsibility of everyone. These creatures protect the neighborhood in which they are located and add joy. The only thing they want from people is love. Owning animals is not just taking them home and accepting all responsibility. Giving them regular water and food, saying words of love and stroking their heads is also possessive.

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Animals are just a part of this world, let's value and respect them.


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