Let's Get To Know The Cute Bunnies

Erkan Tosun 08.12.2020 natural life 6 Comments

Soft furry and peaceful rabbits are a source of happiness and peace for people. The fact that its long ears feel sensitive and soft like cotton is a creature that makes people happy every time they touch it. His favorite food as a diet is to eat carrots. There are more than one breed of rabbit in the world. As a place of life, it lives in the holes it opens thanks to its long nails. Herbivorous rabbits eat a variety of lettuce, radishes and vegetables. Rabbits that have the opportunity to be trained always live in harmony with people with the appropriate method.

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As a writer, the harmony between rabbits and humans is always a source of joy.


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    Merve Tosun

    Her favorite food is carrots, she does anything for carrots.

  2. 4-merve.jpg
    Merve Tosun

    It has a soft furry and a calming face.

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    Merve Tosun

    With the feature of being a pet, it can live at home.

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    Merve Tosun

    She builds the house by digging a hole with her nails.

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    Merve Tosun

    Thanks to its long ears, it detects movements at a distance.

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    Serkan Tosun

    I did not know that rabbits had such features. Thank you very much for being able to access this information through your site.

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