The Little Squirrel That Lies

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The Little Squirrel That Lies 
The story of the squirrel family has been told from ear to ear. The squirrel family has a cute little squirrel. This squirrel is very beautiful, but he's also a liar. He constantly deceived his close friends and enjoyed it.
One morning, he woke up early and went to his garden. Inhaling the scent of her roses, she said, “Such a beautiful day!” he said. Lying on the lawn in the garden, he began to watch the sky. He ate one of the two nuts he had hidden by the garden. He took the other one with him because he thought I would eat it later.
While walking alone in the forest, he saw a turtle, a hedgehog and a rabbit chatting nervously. As if he didn't know what they were talking about, he said, “What are you talking about, or has something bad happened?" he asked.
Squirrel Family Story: The Little Squirrel is at Work!
Rabbit said, "They're going to cut down all the trees in the forest.” he said.
The squirrel said, “Really! Where did you hear this?" he asked. 
The turtle intervened Decisively. "Who will it be, Smoke said.” he said. 
The squirrel laughed offhand. He remembered telling Duman that the trees were going to be cut down and slowly walked away from there. He's starting to enjoy the lies more. He met a turtle on his way.
Pretending, he said, "My friend, have you heard what happened?" he asked.
The turtle was surprised and wondered what had happened. When the squirrel saw the curiosity he wanted, he said, “There's been a fire in the forest. The forest will be gone in a short time.” he said. Hearing this, the turtle started running to announce it to his friends. We didn't knock, he didn't leave a door. And those who heard were surprised at what to do.
Even the Wise Hedgehog Believed It!
The hedgehog, one of the wise men of the forest, tried to calm everyone down. He asked the birds to take a good look around the forest and find out the truth of the news. Realizing that his lie would come out, the squirrel left the environment and went home. The birds didn't look in the forest, they didn't leave a place. They told the wise hedgehog that the news was a lie.
The wise hedgehog, when the turtle asked where he learned the news, the turtle told him what had happened. Hearing what had happened, Duman said, "The squirrel told me that the trees would be cut down.” he said. The forest dwellers realized that the squirrel was lying and decided not to believe it again.
Soon after, smoke started coming out of the squirrel's house. When the squirrel saw that there was a fire in his house, he panicked and went outside. He asked his neighbors for help. But no one believed the squirrel. The squirrel watched his house burn down. He learned from what happened after that day and never lied again.  And the squirrel family story is thus tied to the dessert.

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There's always a price for lying.


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