Punishments Are Raining Down on Those Who Torment Animals

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Punishments Are Raining Down on Those Who Torment Animals
in 2021, penalties for those who persecute animals were established and entered into force. However, despite this, cruel torments could not be avoided. Millions of animals have been put to death and killed in the past year. Animal laws also continue to impose penalties for this behavior. 
According to the data announced by the Kastamonu Provincial Police Department, a total of 48,351 TL has been fined by the Bureau of Nature and Animal Protection to those who mistreat animals in the last two months. In addition, a total of 44,946 TL fine was applied to those who fed banned breed dogs. Considering the whole of Turkey, these figures and amounts go even higher.
Those who owned animals and did not fulfill their responsibilities were also not forgotten. A fine of 362 pounds was imposed on irresponsible owners of animals. In addition, he fined those who mistreated animals 2,043 pounds sterling. 
After the fine for mistreating animals reached about 50,000 TL in the last two months, the people of Kastamonu began to become aware and be careful about it.
Penalties and Enforcement Will Continue for Those Who Persecute Animals
The Animal Protection Law, which has been working on for a long time, was adopted by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly. He was included in the Turkish Criminal Code. According to the new laws, those who have dogs and cats are required to register their animal friends with a digital ID. Those who do not register animals by December 31, 2022 will be fined 1200 TL for each animal. Those who do not neuter legal breed dogs will pay a fine of 14,982 pounds. In addition, those who leave prohibited breeds of dogs will be fined 30,000 TL. 
Legal regulations are not just about fines. There will also be prison sentences under the Criminal Code. It has already begun to be implemented. Those who Decapitated and raped animals were sentenced to imprisonment from 2 to 5 years. In order for this situation to continue within the legal framework, a lot of work falls on citizens.
New Projects Will Give Hope to Animals and Their Friends
Petshops are banned from keeping dogs and cats. According to the new system, only images will be available. This will also take place under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.  Volunteer organizations and the local government will cooperate for the care and treatment of animals. New animal hospitals will be built. 
Anyone who tortures, kills, harasses and rapes animals will be punished under the Turkish Criminal Code.

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Protecting them is our first priority, we must be a shield against those who harm them.


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