The Tale of The Fat Ass

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The Tale Of The Fat Ass
The tale of the fat ass is told a lot, it is listened to a lot, every child who hears it comes running to the knees and listens! Once upon a time, when camels were telling Tuesday fleas in griddle straw in time, there was a fat ass on one of the big farms when I was a barber, while I was rattling my mother's crib. The chubby donkey weighed more than all the animals on the farm. He eats all the time, but he can't get enough. In a short time, he gained so much weight that he could no longer walk. The animals on the farm were making fun of the donkey's Decency and laughing among themselves. 
One day, a fat donkey started walking on the grass and eating grass. Naughty animals, seeing the donkey, gathered around him. They started making fun of him like they always do because of his weight and the fact that he eats constantly. Donkey is very upset about this situation. He returned to his barn heartbroken. His mother asked him why he was upset when his donkey looked sad. 
Donkey said, "I'm constantly eating and gaining weight. I'm starting to have difficulty walking. Every time my friends see me, they make fun of me and laugh. I didn't care at first. But I'm having a hard time now.” he said. 
The Tale of the Fat Ass: Mom's Advice
His mother smiled. “It's a good thing that you feel uncomfortable because of your weight. But if you are going to lose weight, you should do it not for your friends, but for your own health. And in order to lose weight, you need to eat regularly, do plenty of sports, and believe in yourself. Besides, I can help you with that. Of course, if you want.” he said.
Donkey was very glad to hear that his mother could help herself. “A lot of it I'd like. Thank you, dear mom!" he hugged his mother, saying. After that conversation, he started playing sports regularly. He paid attention to what he ate and excluded unhealthy foods from his life. He did exactly as his mother said. And he didn't forget to drink a lot of water. She lost the weight in a short time. She's starting to look really nice and fit.
Fat Ass Is Getting Weaker
After getting weak, the donkey started walking around the farm to play with his friends. His friends were very surprised to see that the donkey was getting weak. When the donkey saw the amazement of his friends, he said, “You all made fun of me a lot. You made Decoy and hurtful jokes between yourselves. You haven't thought about my feelings. I am very offended by your sentences. With the help of my mother, I became slimmer. But I didn't do it for you, I did it for my own health.” he said. 
His friends regretted hearing about the donkey's conversations. They all apologized. The donkey forgave his friends and continued his life happily with his healthy appearance. The tale of the fat ass also continued to be told.

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